Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The other night a male colleague/friend (totally, totally platonic) called me.  I was putting Q to bed, but I was eager to get the phone so I could possibly get a little more sympathy from someone who may or may not have heard that I was sick.  Well, that...and I had meant to stop by the other day and in the end never showed up, and needed to explain myself.


The conversation ended with this:

Co-worker:  Okay Sunshine!  Talk to you soon.

Me: Bye bye


Q:  Is he your WIFE?

Me:  Huh?

Q:  He is.  He is.  He's your wife!!!! 

Me:  What are you talking about?

Q:  He called you sunshine.  He's your wife.

Me:  Okay, number one...it's husband.  A woman is a wife, and man is a husband.  So, if Mommy got married, she would have a husband and be a wife.  Secondly, dude, if Mommy was married and had a husband, I think you would have heard about it before now.

Q:  Oh.  Why did he call you sunshine then?

Me:  Because I'm just like the sun.  I make people happy where ever I go.

Q:  Oh.  Night night, Mommy.

Me:  Night night, Q.  Sweet dreams.

Q:  Sweet dreams to you, too.

Me:  I love you, Q.

Q:  I do, too.

What a strange, strange world this world must seem to a 6 year old.  Wives and husbands, sunshines and sweet dreams. 

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