Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Results Are In

This is what your Monocytes look like when they're high

So, I'm a negative on the whole mononucleosis front, which I guess is a good know.  I mean it would have made a way better story if I did have mono, but it's just such a complicated disease that never really goes away.  I would never be able to donate blood ever again, which I have only ever done once, but I still don't really want the option taken away because of some stupid thing like Mono.  This does remind me though, I really should donate blood more often.  I'm O- you know...the universal're not surprised, are you?  "Of course she is, she would be."  You're all thinking it. 

Anyways, no Mono...but I don't know this from the doctor.  I hate it when the results are negative and they just don't tell you.  What if the results get lost?  What if you misread them or missed something really super important?  Life threatening, even.  What if you mistook them for someone else's?  All of these are valid concerns for a hypochondriac like me (and maybe you!)

How do I know?  Well, because of this fabulous website.  Now, it's specific to British Columbia, but google your province or state, because I'm sure that we're not so advanced here in B.C. that we have this technology that no one else has.

I just register my information and then it allows me to pull up my own results.  All of them...which means that I then need this website... order to find out what Monocytes are.  Because my tests results show that they were high.  It's brilliant!!!  Not only do I have an active role in my health, but I'm getting educated too.  One of my best girlfriends in High School had diabetes for months before she actually found out she had it.  The doctor conveniently "forgot" to tell her until they had to hospitalize her.  That will never, ever happen to me. I will know before the doctor knows, because we all know I will be on that website every hour on the hour until they post the results.  I will not miss a decimal point.

So I had boring old strep throat (which can turn into horribly dangerous things like meningitis, did ya know?) I got the test results to prove it.  For all my worrying about horrible things happening to me, nothing (knock on wood) ever, ever has.  The worst thing I've ever had is pregnancy, and I totally know how to avoid that ;)

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