Sunday, April 17, 2011


Once upon a time, when I was much younger and had no worries, my goal in life was to have all my bras and panties match.  I'm almost ashamed to admit it, really.  People in the world are hungry and I want to spend gobs of money on bra/pantie sets.  I'm even more ashamed to admit that, for a brief time, they did all match. 

Now that I am an adult, with the weight of the world on my shoulders (and the twins aren't as perky as they once were) I have boring bras and only buy new ones when the wire starts poking through the cotton.  Then I plod (well, maybe it's more of a traipse, or a swagger) on down to the nearest department store and buy a couple *on sale*.  I haven't shopped at La Senza or Victoria Secret for years because they just didn't fit right.  A girlfriend I had in High School used to joke that she couldn't shop there because all the bras were too big, and I couldn't shop there because all the bras were too small. 

But La Senza was having a sale, and I just can't resist a bargain.  I sceptically tried on one and I think they've changed their fit really, really nice.  It was so super comfortable too...I ended up buying three.  And I figured, if I was going to splurge, I might as well get a funky know, just for me. 

I guess you're all wondering what this has to do with Q, right? 

Well, the other morning I was putting make up on in the bathroom and Q was watching me.  The night before, I must have taken my bra off and thrown it on the side of the bathtub.  Q noticed it, held it up with a look of utter disgust and said,

Q:  Do you think this is appropriate?

He was horrified that his mother would wear a blue/green leopard print bra.  Horrified.  In fact, I had to dig it out of the garbage can, he was that bothered by it.

Can you imagine what he would have thought if I hadn't talked myself out of the matching thong?!?!

That would have been inappropriate...

I'm gonna have to hide the neon pink one I bought :P

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