Thursday, July 16, 2009

Better Shape Up!

Here are the stats:
Height: 5'5
Weight: 162.8lbs
Goal: 130-135lbs
Okay, so 6 1/2 months ago I quit smoking. Cold Turkey -or so I thought...
I ran into a girlfriend of mine that I haven't seen in a few months. We were chatting for a while, when the most horrific thing happened...she asked if I was expecting. I looked at her blankly (or maybe I was in shock) and I said, "Expecting? Expecting what?" and then as it sunk in "You mean, a BABY?" The smile slowly faded from her face as she realized her error, and we both tried to back pedal. But what was said, was said. As the shock wore off, a decision was made.
I got on the scale. Okay, okay I knew I had put on a few, hell I had to buy new pants in a LARGER size, so while I knew I had gone up a size (alright alright, I've gone from an 6/8 to a 10/12...moreso on the 12 size) I certainly never thought that I looked pregnant. 74kg....74!!! Or for those of you who think in pounds...162.8lbs. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN????? I like to think I'm a take charge kinda gal, so here's the deal. I need to lose 30lbs, or roughly 14kg. I'm on day four of my new diet. Actually, it's not really a diet. It's a lifestyle change. Since I've stopped smoking, I've been substituting the craving for a cigarette with a chocolate bar (or two...) or Ju Jubes or chips or pastries or anything I want really. I've cut out sugars, bad carbs (like chips). I'm eating more fruit, fiber and fish (ha ha, the f'in diet!!!)
I'm starting slow and I don't have a time line yet. I take the stairs at work instead of the elevator (okay, I'm starting REALLY slow!!) I know that I need to join a gym or something but I had a very embarrassing experience in high school, and so I'm a little hesitant to go. But I bought this fabulous pair of pink NIKE shox on ebay, so how could I not go? I'd look so cute :)

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