Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I am Canadian, eh!

Well, let's get the awkward outta the hurts. After a day of groaning every time I moved, the swelling (yup...) has gone down and I am loving the Brazilian. However, I do remember why I only do it once every couple of years. It is painful to put it mildly. It is torture. Thank goodness the torture only lasted 20 minutes. I'm good for another 2 years (yes, that is me sighing in relief!!) In fact, I'm so proud of the job, I want to show it off...too bad that would be highly inappropriate!!
I really must say I am so proud to be a Canadian. I mean there's the obvious, I live in the most beautiful city in the world. I have mountains and the ocean less than an hour away. It's almost surreal being at the beach on a beautiful, sunny day and looking off into the distance and seeing snow capped mountains. It is awe inspiring and absolute proof that God does exist. We're also known as the 'polite' country. How can you go wrong with that? We're known for saying please and thank you, and a Canadian flag on a back pack in Europe makes friends faster than a smile and a hand shake, that's for darn sure. We send troops into countries on peacekeeping missions, not invasions.
I have always been proud to be Canadian, but moreso over the past few months. Many saw or heard of the horrific incident in Iran where a young philosphy major was shot point blank, fighting for what she believed in - Freedom. Something I take for granted almost every day. I'm almost ashamed to admit I didn't vote in the last civic election, and this young woman died solely for that right. I live in a country where I can believe in God and not be persecuted. I live in a country where my rights as a woman, and as a single mother are protected. I live in a country where health care is free (or nearly so) and available when ever I need it. I have access to government funded programs that help me network with other young mothers, and teach me how to be a better one myself. There are programs to help me if I get laid off from work, both financially and education-wise. I live in a country that has back up plans for natural disasters and agencies that are prepared to save lives and provide a safe place (food, shelter, etc...) in event a disaster does occur. I live in a country that not onlyaccepts other nations, other religions, other cultures, but encourages them and prides itself in being a multi-cultural society. I live in a community with Philippinos, Fijians, Sri Lankans, and little ole white me...
The next time I feel like bitching about taxes or laws or the government that leads my country, I hope I remember how fortunate I am to be a woman in Canada. If I had been born in any number of other countries, it surely would be a different story . I am not only proud to be Canadian, I feel so fortunate to be so. I pray for the young women and men in Iran who are fighting for rights that I accept as reality every single day.
And if all that weren't enough, our beer rocks!! Yes, I am Canadian. Happy Canada Day, eh!

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