Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Monday Weigh In (Week 2)

1kg. That is how much I've lost. For those non-Canadian types...that's 2.2lbs. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little disappointed. Okay, so I guess it's better than nothing, but with this heat wave we're experiencing right now, I probably sweat that out before I even got to work. And will power, I've been will power Queen this week. I said 'NO' to Ice cream, I said 'NO' to chocolate (and I was really, really tempted...really...) I even drank a whole bottle of water, then pee'd it out and weighed myself again, and it was still only 1lb, so I didn't even win by the water retention default. But I have started taking the stairs at work. I agree this doesn't sound like much, however I work in a 7 story building and my work requires that I be at all 7 of those floors periodically through out my shift, so it's bigger than it seems. I haven't worked up the courage for the gym just yet, tho. I have visions of me on a treadmill and people pointing and laughing and whispering to eachother "could she go any slower...and what is she wearing????" I know that most likely won't happen - or not so I'd notice anyways, but the fear still lingers in my mind and haunts my dreams. I'll get there though, I promise I will. Hopefully sooner than later...and at this rate of weight loss it definitely will be sooner than later!! Q's a great little cheerleader though, one day this week he whispered in my ear with a sly little grin "Mommy, I think you've lost weight. Yup, you definitely have!" Wow, his wife is going to be sooooo lucky...I'm training him sooooo well!!! Stats: Height: 5'5 (still, thank God!!) Weight: 160.6

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