Monday, December 6, 2010

Fa la la la la la la la la

There is something about having a child around the holidays that makes me ten times more excited than I normally would.  And I guess I should clarify that when I say *having* a child, I don't mean birthing a child.  I can't imagine any time of the year that would make me excited about that unless storks do in fact deliver 2 year olds.  I mean that having a 6 year old around the house makes things exciting...makes Christmas exciting.  Our house looks like the North Pole opened up and puked in every single room.  To the outsider, it's probably absolutely gawdy, but I don't care.  I think it looks warm and inviting.  I'm sure our electricity bill is going to be through the roof.  Tonight the Christmas tree goes up and the theme will be "home for the holidays".  I've never been one to actually have a theme, you know like those black trees with purple birds and silver tinsel; or the white trees with fluorescent blue and pink balls;  mine have always been homemade ornaments on a beautiful green tree.  Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas with pink and purple and black and white. 

A few changes this year.  Instead of mailing a letter to Santa, Q decided to send him an e-mail.  Welcome to the age of technology, where 6 year olds are sending e-mails to Santa.  Now, I'm not gonna lie, this was way less time consuming for me.  I didn't have to spell every single word out, forget to mail it, and then have to write a letter from "Santa" on Christmas eve and pop it in the mailbox.  I will tell you that was probably the best letter that Q ever received though, the year I forgot to mail his letter.  It was brilliant.  Anyways, not like I'm trying to plug my workplace or anything, but if you'd like to send your Santa note by e-mail, has a link for kids.  They can write an e-mail to Santa (you have to put in an adult's e-mail address to receive a response), play Christmas themed games, like matching the gifts or helping Santa navigate through the sky to deliver presents.  

Q is also covering his bases, and I'm not sure why he's decided to do it this way, but he's decided to give Santa his requests using different avenues.  In the e-mail, he asked for a Nintendo DS game (that I don't even think exists, but's Santa, right?  He can make anything in the North Pole...).  Then his dad's work Christmas party was yesterday, and Santa made a guest appearance - Q asked for the air hockey table.  Next, he wrote a hand written list that included a Webkinz and Beyblades (which I'm still trying to figure out.  Unfortunately, I don't think that *Santa* will be bringing him those this year...)  I'm wondering if maybe he's beginning to question the validity of Santa, and figures that just to be sure, he'll leave little hints everywhere.    Notice that nowhere has he asked for a telescope.  I wonder if I should remind him how much he really, really wants one.

Another change - I haven't made my cards this year.  Between supervising the world, winning the Mother of the Year Award and sleeping, I've decided that it would be a little overkill to make my cards.  I value my sanity, even moreso after losing it a time or two, so instead I bought these cards that *look* like I made them.  It's brilliant,  no one will be the wiser.  Truthfully, I don't make them for everybody else.  I make them for me, it's a creative outlet.  But creativity is at a premium this year, so just be thankful you've received one at all.

Along the lines of sanity, I've decided to throw a Christmas party this year.  There's just something about a big house, gawdy decorations and December that make you want to do just that.  It's going to be small, just a couple of my really close friends who would love a party even if there was laundry in the living room, greeted them in my jammies, and served Macaroni for dinner.  That's what makes it even more rewarding to make little sandwiches and gift baskets and such.  Spending time with these girls rejuvenates me, renews my spirit, and helps me realize we're all a little crazy and that's okay.

So, turn up the Christmas tunes.  If you're in the Vancouver area, 103.5 QMFM and 106.3 Praise FM are both playing all Christmas music All. The. Time.  It's a horrible luxury.  Seeing as how we've been listening to it since the third week of November.  I'm humming jazzy renditions of every Christmas carol ever sung.  Every one who's anyone has done a Christmas Album.  Makes me want to do one too.  Then, maybe then, I will have made it, too.

p.s.  Have you notice the blog has changed for the holidays as well?  What can I say, a girl gets bored working midnights...

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