Friday, December 10, 2010

The Tree

After two (!) trips to Wal-Mart for lights that work - about frustration...what is it about Christmas lights that refuse to work? They've been sitting in a box all year.  They worked last year.  How do they not work this year?  And by the way...putting the lights on the tree is totally the man's job.  Wait...where was I?  Oh ya,  here's the finished product.

And here's a pic of the freak snow storm we experienced last week...

No google images here.  It's all me.  I know, right?  I should quit my day job and maybe take up photography.


  1. I looooove both pictures. They are exciting. They are magical. They made me smile.

  2. I love a good snow fall when I have nowhere to go for a good 3 days. Otherwise, it's only magical in pictures. And the tree is even more beautiful in real life. It really is fabulous.