Saturday, December 25, 2010


Merry Christmas, to my Blogger friends!  From Juba, Sudan to Calgary, Canada and Kerala, India to (the other) Vancouver, USA may you all be blessed with the true spirit of Christmas, with peace and with joy.

Yesterday, Q and Uncle Steve went to do a little last minute Christmas shopping so Mommy could get a couple hours nap in after working all night long.  Before they left, I gave Q ten dollars in case he got hungry or thirsty along the way and a ten minute lecture on what to do if he and Uncle Steve got separated while shopping on Christmas Eve.  I'm usually procrastinator of the year, I know what malls are like on Christmas Eve, and I can freely admit this because I know my brother doesn't read my blog (hahaha) but I was having a little panic attack as the drove off. 

Anyways, a few hours later they both arrived home safely.  They were showing me what they had picked out for Nana, and Uncle Steve (hereafter referred to as US) told me that Q had given his $10.00 to put towards the gift.  I looked a Q, who was stoically staring ahead, and said:

Me:  Awwww, honey!  You didn't use the money on yourself?  You put it towards Nana's present?  That is so thoughtful of you.

He looks directly at Uncle Steve and says, "No, I didn't."

US:  Yes, you did.  You gave me the money in the store, remember?

Q:  Ya, and you took it.

US:  Yes, I did.  And I put it towards Nana's present.

Q:  No, you didn't.  You put it in your wallet.  I saw you.

US:  That's because I paid with my debit card.

Q:  Oh.  So what are you going to do with the money I gave you then?

After a few minutes of trying to explain the concept of debit cards and cash (Q thinks there is an endless supply of money in my bank account.  Sadly, often times I do as well...) we still couldn't convince Q that the money he had so generously given up was being put towards Nana's present.  Poor little guy still thinks Uncle Steve stole his money in plain day for all to see.

Christmas can be confusing for a kid:

Q:  What's Mistletoe, Mommy?  Why would people kiss under it?

Q:  What's a Winter Wonderland, Nana?

Q:  Mommy, Santa forgot to take the price tag off this one!

I never actually remember believing in Santa.  I think I was always way too practical for that.  I love Q's innocence and that he believes so wholeheartedly.  However, it is exhausting staying on top of things, especially with a super observant little guy.  Different wrapping paper (and then hiding the evidence), different gift tags, different hand writing, remembering to take the price tags off.

Hmmm, maybe I should go take another look before he comes home from his dads...

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  1. 'Q' spoke with an innocence. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a big thank you for the Christmas Wishes..