Friday, December 24, 2010

T'was the Night/Early Morning Before the Night Before

Oh...come's funny...
On the day before Christmas, my employees gave to me:

Pearl Drop Earrings
An Engraved Key Chain
Cookies just for Q
SJP Perfume
Chocolate Cranberry squares

A *Starbucks* Card

Butter Pecan Tarts
Yummy Samosa’s
Macadamia Cookies
Homemade Shortbread
A Secret Santa Present

And they all stayed awake for 8 hours (spoke too soon...bugger, it totally rhymed too……)

Only three more business days and I will be moving to a new building, with new employees. Every day since I accepted the transfer, I have questioned whether or not it was a good move.

Remember how afraid I was that no one would like me here? How I wouldn’t learn the job fast enough? How I wouldn’t get enough sleep? Well, the one valid worry was the sleep, and I wonder if that’s enough of a reason to solidify a whole decision. The employees in my section have over 300 years combined experience. Do you know what that means for a Supervisor? It means that I have to do very little to manage the process, because it’s a huge insult telling a person who’s been with the company longer than I’ve been alive how to do their job. There’s always one in every crowd, so I have to tell one or two what to do, but mostly my job here consists of managing the people. This really is a good thing for me, because I am a people manager, process smocess I always say. After a super stressful (in a good way, though) job before this one, it’s been nice to sit back and erm….work very, very hard, as always…(phew! Nice recovery, huh?)

And I didn’t know how I’d get along with the other supervisors on this shift, either. I was surprised to find out that the majority of us are the same age with young children, so we always had something to talk about. The pretty supervisor I share my *office* (okay, my office is two desks behind a bright yellow railing, whatever. It’s my *virtual office*) well, he’s just so funny. We laugh and laugh, sometimes so hard that tears are streaming down our faces and our tummy’s hurt. I haven’t laughed like that in ages.

Staying here wouldn’t be so bad. In fact, it wouldn’t be bad at all. There’s even the off chance that I could run into my old employees and then I don’t feel homesick for them. One or two (or five or ten) really stand as a testament to how often we misjudge people, how much people can change when given the opportunity, and how being part of a motley crew just isn’t that bad at all. Before I went to the dock, I was told that “those guys” were scary and I wouldn’t like them at all.

I’m reminded that all my fears about my new job in the new building are completely ridiculous and unfounded. Quite honestly, I’m more afraid of how I’ll find the front door than I am about my new employees. Seriously, I googled the new building, so that I would know where it was, and it’s fricken huge, I don’t know how I’m going to find my way to the bathroom, let alone my new work area. That’s the only real thing I’m worrying about right now…which probably isn’t even “real” because I’m sure they have signs with arrows….right?

I think we totally undervalue the importance of a good night’s sleep. We really do. It’s horrible waking up tired every single day, and day dreaming about your pillow and your duvet. I’m grumpy all the time (poor Q), and I snap at the most ridiculous things. Sometimes, I just put my head in my hands because I’m so tired, I don’t know what to do. Do I get the Maxi’s with wings or without? You laugh, but I’m so tired, I can’t make a decision to save my life. Paper or plastic? Good thing they don’t as that anymore…but now it’s Bag or No Bag? Here’s a little tip, cashiers around the world: If I have more than 4 items, I’m gonna need a bag.

I might not have as much time with Q, going to days. Someone will have to drop him off and pick him up from school most days, but I truly believe that the quality of time that we have together will be so much better. Right now, I’m “not any fun” and “boring” – hopefully come the New Year, I’ll be “lotsa fun” and “so not boring” because let’s face it…the kid is only 6. If I’m getting eye rolls and “not any fun’s” now…I can’t even imagine what 12 is going to be like.

The gift of acceptance...knowing that you don't know what's before you, but being okay with that.  I think that's what I've learned most this year at work.  In addition to all the tangible gifts I mentioned above, I also received a hand shake, a hug, and the Christmas card I gave one of my employees'...well, it has a spot on his Christmas Tree.  That is a place of honour, if I do say so myself.

What gifts have you received, tangible or otherwise, this Christmas?


  1. I didn't receive any gift...Hey! I hope I am not too explicit.

    Merry Christmas....

  2. Oh goodness, I don't think you're explicit at all, I think you're wonderful! Merry Christmas!!